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A Review of Disney Villains Unleashed Blogs


Last month, Walt Disney World Resort held a different kind of Halloween special event, Villains Unleashed. Villain’s Unleashed is an after-hours special event featuring no less than 50 Disney villains, a show inspired by Oogie Boogie himself with a spectacular fireworks show. As with every new Disney event, many bloggers had a lot to say, but the key to making a successful event blog is to describe the event and give balanced feedback.

Here are some highlights on what the top bloggers in Orlando had to say:


Behind The Thrills

This was a mostly pleasant review of Villains Unleashed. Behind The Thrills gives an astonishing amount of detail on the reasons Disney had for holding the event. The best comment from this blog acknowledged that the event was an attempt by Disney to add a special event that could be enjoyable for both older kids and adults— a market held very well by Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights and Busch Gardens’ Howl-O-Scream.

While the review is not entirely positive, the blogger displays knowledge about the industry and what Villains Unleashed meant for Disney.


Inside the Magic

Inside the Magic provides not one but two great blogs on the event. The first article provides detailed coverage on the event, from the opening show and food to face painting and the Hades’ hangout. The second article exclusively covers Oogie Boogie’s Freaky Funhouse Show and why it was a welcome change for some guests.

Inside the Magic has the best quality videos of the biggest live shows at the event: the opening stage show with Hades and Oogie Boogie’s Freaky Funhouse. Inside the Magic also had video coverage of Hades’ on stage singing along with a cover band, which was not mentioned by other bloggers.

The videos and the amazing details on the event made me want to be at Villains Unleashed, as it is one of the most positive and fun reviews.



Being one of the negative reviews on Villains Unleashed, The DIS keeps it professional by giving equal attention to the good aspects of the event. One of the best comments from the blog was personally asking for reader’s opinion while realizing that the event was not awful for everyone who attended.

This left a lasting impression as a personal but also professional blog that offers great detail on the event itself, while also focusing on the issues many guests experienced at Villains Unleashed.


All Ears

Unlike many well-written negative reviews of the event, All Ears’ review of Villains Unleashed was a little too personal. Check out their worst negative comment on Oogie Boogie’s Freaky Funhouse Show below.

“Wow, and not a good wow! If this show had been anywhere else except Disney, it might have been acceptable, but it was not. In my opinion, this was not family friendly, though it did live up to its billing as “freaky!” I talked to several families I know, and they all were extremely disappointed and left shaking their heads. Take a look below at some of the tamer acts. I’ve spared you several of the more risque photos.”

The review read a little too much like a complaint that should have been left at Guest Relations. There was little to learn about the event itself in this blog post. The blogger does not go into detail on what made the show inappropriate for families, which is something that would have been key to learn about.


Walt Disney World News Today

Walt Disney World News Today provided the longest, most negative rant possible out of all of our listed bloggers’ reviews. The two hour podcast really drove home a point that the bloggers did not enjoy the event at all. There was hardly any content on the event itself, aside from the end, where they featured a clip of the opening show (where Hades introduces the 50 villains at the event and Villainy in the Sky fireworks display. This podcast was the most disorganized and unstructured review by far. The worst comment was a sarcastic suggestion for Disney to make an intern draw on hotdog buns to keep stands from running out of villain buns— an unnecessary comment that added no value to the podcast.

Bloggers dragging on and on about minor details that were not the main focus of the event is not the most constructive way to do a review.


Touring Plans

Touring Plans did a great job of crafting a negative blog, with a focus on issues in the event, and even possible solutions— which is something many bloggers who hated Villains Unleashed did not do.

While the blog does take the position that a great many things went wrong at Villains Unleashed, they do take the time to give positive feedback, like on using lanyards instead of wristbands. Overall, the entire review does not appear one-sided.

Touring Plans has a blog review that focuses on the good and the bad, with just the right combination of positives and negatives, with a look forward to experiencing an improved event in the future.


WDW Magic

WDW Magic released one of the most structured, short-and-sweet negative reviews on Villains Unleashed. Their blog starts with an objective rundown of the event, followed by the pros and cons of the event. Their blog is full of great video and photos, adding depth to the review. WDW Magic’s Villainy in the Skies is a phenomenal, high quality sound and visual coverage of the fireworks show.

The professional feel of this blog is astounding. The blogger never got too personal, even with the pros and cons, creating great blog credibility.


Adventures by Daddy

Adventures by Daddy is a shining example of a positive but personal review. The blogger has a unique focus on Disney fans who dressed up as villains and DJ IGG NITE’s work for the event’s dance party. It was nice to see something a little different from most bloggers. Adventures by Daddy’s best comment was a very reasonable statement on how fun the event was, in spite of Disney’s mistakes, and a look forward to a better event next year.

This blog mentions the mistakes made but also focuses on a few different highlights of the event which make it worth reading.


Mouse Steps

Mouse Steps’ review starts off negative and does not have many positives to offer, following. Again, this makes the review sound more like a drawn out complaint, rather than a review of Villains Unleashed. The worst comment went over the long  3-4 hour wait times to see characters and then mentioned that they did not feel like waiting 20 minutes to see one character. Comments like that add no value to a review of an event like Villains Unleashed where you are bound to wait some length of time for characters due to popularity.

The blogger detailed more negatives about their experience than what was at the event itself, which did not make for an interesting read.


The Disney Food Blog

While the Disney Food Blog’s coverage was a review about the food a week before the event, the pictures and descriptions captured the spirit of the event. They managed to cover most of the food and drink offerings at Villains Unleashed, except the Evil Queen drinks with a special glowing apple inside.

The combination of pictures and simple but informative descriptions of the food offerings made it a good foodie review.



Not many bloggers had many good things to say about Villains Unleashed. However, the most successful blogs detailed the positive aspects of the event and possible solutions for what went wrong.

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