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Two Lessons I Learned Immediately in SEO


If you know anything about SEO, you know how much Google affects pretty much everything. You know each update conveniently named after cute animals can bring huge change, and not necessarily good change. You know the basics of creating a website. You know the terminology, Meta Descriptions, Title Tags, URLS etc. you know how to do all the keyword research to the best of your ability. You finally implement your strategy and you hope the website climbs up the search results, and it does…just not at the speed you thought. Of course, your hard work did not go to waste. The results are there. New ranks are being reached…but the goal is page one, rank one…and you’re not there…Well, at least that’s my experience. If anyone else is in the same boat, let me share two simple ways to speed up your climb to rank one.


1) Using Analytics

Traffic is good, but conversions are better. I know, you see which keywords and phrases are sending you a good bulk of traffic. However, after all of that you see those numbers you see you’re not ranking for those competitive, high traffic keywords.

That’s not the plan! Did you know a lot of time lower-traffic phrases will convert at a higher rate since they are more specific? Even getting several first page rankings on the smaller keywords and phrases could boost conversions by a noticeable amount.

That’s where the analytics comes in because its time to look at the data before deciding the next move. If you setup conversion tracking to the keywords and phrases, and compare them against each other you can see which one is performing and increasing traffic. Understanding those numbers will help you optimize the site, and know which keywords really need your attention. The point being, tons of traffic doesn’t equal conversions. It’s all about the quality of the traffic, not the quantity.


2) One Low Quality Link vs. One High Quality Link

Following the overused quality over quantity statement, it applies to another important thing. Links! Now while there are several easy ways to get a high volume of links, the quality of a link is more important. One link from a popular site or blog can do way more for your search engine rankings than a high volume of directory links. Are they harder to get? They sure are! However, that’s one of the reasons search engines trust those links so much more. It’s a way more reliable measurement of the entire quality of your site. If you want more evidence of that, look up Google’s Penguin update. It was a massive blow to link building practices of the past.

Now, are there other steps to take to make on your scramble for rank one? Of course, but these are two simple steps that can easily speed up your efforts. That being said, I wish you the best of luck and happy hunting for rank one!

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