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Your Bottom Line Depends on Your Reputation

What people are saying about your business directly affects your bottom line. Reviews about the quality of your goods or services are trusted by consumers and viewed as ranking signals by both search engines and directory sites. In fact, consumers value and trust an online review or a word-of-mouth recommendation more than they do an advertisement or a business’s own personal statement. The more positive your reviews, the more trustworthy you appear, and this leads to more opportunities to show up in search results.

Our Reputation Marketing team can not only assist with helping you gain control of your current reputation, but can also assist in preparing for future situations, whether positive or negative.

Take Control of Your Online Reputation with RepShield

Our RepShield program is a unique piece of software designed to let business owners take control of their online reputations. In today’s digital age, it is more important than ever to be aware of how you are perceived online and to have a positive online presence. Thanks to RepShield, business now have the capability to quarantine inaccurate, misleading or outdated information online. Such material can have destructive potential to startups, local businesses or mom and pop shops. Customer reviews influence customer opinion by %%%, therefore, a negative review can adversely influence how web searchers perceive your business. Don’t let your reputation get ruined by careless and negligent reviews. Let us help you take control of your online reputation.
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