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People Are Searching. Can They Find You?

Our Orlando based SEO team understands that true optimization isn’t complicated. However, successfully attaining measurable results requires creating a relevant, informative experience for users, while executing and nurturing long term strategies that support and enhance your companies search position.

Why SEO is Important to your business:

  • Lowest Cost Channel

    Many of our clients have asked us what SEO can do for their businesses. The term SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, gets thrown around quite often these days, but not many people fully understand what it is. SEO consists of “strategies, techniques and tactics to increase the number of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in search results.”

    Compared to TV, radio and print, digital marketing, otherwise known as SEO, is by far the lowest-cost channel with the highest potential for returns.

    SEO is also a completely traceable medium. What does that mean for clients? Gone are the days of throwing away thousands or even millions of dollars on advertising avenues that don’t produce any tangible results. While a magazine or newspaper may be able to guarantee circulation numbers, SEO provides a completely transparent platform for your business to grow upon.

    While you can’t trace the number of eyes on a billboard, our Orlando SEO experts can provide you with analytics of various metrics. Thanks to the tangible nature of SEO’s ROI, or Return on Investment, our clients can not only easily see the progress of their website, but can watch as they accomplish goals.

    Visitor behaviors, target market demographics, leads and sales are just some of the metrics we are able to collect, track and use in order to make informed decisions. These metrics are based on the behaviors of the individuals buying your product or service, or even on those who are not buying your product.

    With this data in hand, our Orlando SEO team focuses on search strategies that make an impact and produce long-term results. Without Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Marketing, your business is missing out on loads of potential customers, and, of course, potential revenue.

  • Results That Fit

    Our Orlando SEO Experts are here to help:

    At Purple Moon Media, our Orlando SEO nerds understand that no two clients’ situations are the same, and as such, they will require completely different strategies. Just as a doctor tests and prescribes remedies for what’s ailing you, we look at where your digital footprint needs work, and prescribe a tailored solution to fit your business.

    We get to know all of our clients so that we can get to know their customers; we recognize what customers want, what they need and how they act. This helps us make everyone’s lives a little bit easier, since customers, or internet searchers, can find what they’re looking for, and clients get found through search engines organically faster.

    In the initial stages, we sit down with our clients and discuss business objectives. Through SEO implementation, our digital marketing team will generate a goal-oriented strategy, and in doing so, transform those objectives into actionable, understandable, measurable goals. Throughout the SEO process, our team will work to turn those goals into your business’s reality.

    Through careful research and market analysis, we ensure your website will be optimized for the appropriate customers and search engines. In other words, we get your business in front of the right customers at the right time.

  • What to Watch Out For

    SEO can help drive online traffic towards your website, thereby increasing your business’s visibility and online presence. Through organic SEO efforts, your business will appear at the top of Google’s search results when searched for terms, or keywords, associated with your business.

    Our dedicated team of Orlando SEO specialists will strategize so that your business monopolizes the top of Google’s search results. High search rankings make you more credible to the searcher, or customer.

    We will implement a keyword strategy for all keywords associated with your business, so that no matter what combination of keywords are searched, your business will appear near or at the top.

    An additional element of our SEO strategy is to create an active, consistent and positive online presence for your business that extends across multiple platforms. This vital step in the SEO process, combined with those previously mentioned, guarantees the relevancy and popularity of your business when it is searched for.

Search Is Where We Got Started.

Every search is an opportunity for a consumer to be exposed to your business in some manner. Our approach to Search Optimization comes down to collecting and understanding data, forging compelling ideas, supporting long term plans, and having the patience and ability to execute and sustain a vast number of search programs in short amounts of time.
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