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Link Develoment, a Way of Life

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Say the phrase “Link Building” to a room filled with SEO’s and you will get a very different response from each one of them. No other term in Search Marketing stirs the pot more than “Links” and the ways by which we procure them. How we attain links is something that varies from one SEO Pro to another but whether you are vacationing in Grey Town or Skiing on White Hat Mountain there is one underlying premise that holds true to both sides of the map and that is, building links is not something that should be done “one off” or even at a given time within a strategy. Enhancing your link profile is something that is happening all the time, all around you.

For me as a Search Marketer I tend to think of everything I do as “Outreach”! If you think of your job as an Optimization specialist it all entails reaching out to someone or something. Every program that you run, from basic SEO fundamentals where your creative on-page implementations are geared towards reaching out to search engines and visitors alike with the goal of pulling them in and keeping them interested. To Local SEO where the goal is to provide a consistent presence within your given region, reaching out to local end users through sites where your business responds to reviews and ratings. Especially in Content Marketing & Brand Engagement where reaching out to webmasters and a growing community is essential to sustainability. All of our efforts have some form of reaching out to someone or something somewhere.

Forms of Outreach that Lead to Links:

Website Structure – Having an easy to navigate, clean, user friendly site reaches out to your visitors and helps them feel comfortable with you and your brand. Focusing on the journey of the end user will always benefit you in the long run and users who enjoy being on your site will always share it with someone.

Social Engagement – Link building isn’t just acquiring links from one site to another. Mentions and Citations are also valuable and sometimes more important means of being linked to online. The more people you reach out to socially the more conversations get started which in turn will lead to more natural linking opportunities.

Content Marketing – Marketing your content reaches out to those interested in valuable information within your niche. If you provide relevant, informative content to communities that need that data you will have created shareable content that will earn you quality links.

Local SEO – Creating a solid presence within Local Search reaches out to those in need of what you have to offer locally. Consistent messaging and great service will lead to an increased number and of user reviews and higher quality scores as well. With sites like Yelp and Trip Advisor becoming mainstays within the local search process, having large quantity of high quality reviews will bolster you link profile for sure and increase your bottom line of course. Oh and don’t forget to respond to every review you get, good or bad!

Becoming linkable is something that evolves throughout every stage of your strategy and if you pay attention to the little details within each nook and cranny of your marketing plan you will be building quality relevant relationships which in turn results in awesome linking opportunities that makes sense to you, the visitor and of course to Search Engines.

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