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Push Send and Grow Your Business

Email Marketing services may seem like an old-fashioned concept nowadays, especially given that the more sexy options such as social media get all the attention. It even may seem like email marketing is dead. That truth is, with a strong content marketing approach, email marketing services are just as sexy of an option as any other available avenue.

Tailored Messaging to Qualified Leads

With email marketing, you now have a second chance to convert a sale. The process of retargeting a consumer via email campaigns is a valuable tool for businesses. We help remind your consumers why your brand rocks. Purple Moon Media will build your email database and tailor messages to appeal to your customers.
Email marketing allows for the simple segmentation of the recipients on your list. This means your brand can target specific markets or audiences ,and that it’s easier to get personal with your audience as you personalize emails according to certain data and demographics you’ve collected. Since the majority of mobile users have smartphones with email applications integrated into the hardware, you can bet your emails won’t go unnoticed

Build Your Brand

Not only is email marketing an effective technique to reach large amounts of current or potential clients, but it’s also a system through which your brand builds loyalty and brand awareness. Our Orlando marketing experts will implement a campaign that delivers a variety of useful, engaging content to your customer base so that they will feel connected to your brand.
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