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How Your Boring Business Can Generate Quality Content

boring biz

Do you really believe that your industry is so boring that no one will want to read anything about it? Web content has created a go-to wealth of information for potential customers across industries. Content marketing works and it can work for your business, no matter how yawn-inducing you believe it to be. So, how do you develop quality content in your oh-so-boring industry? We have created four rules to guide you through the process.


Rule 1 – Develop Customer Personas

First, you need to realize that, although boring, your product or service must be useful to somebody, somewhere. Right? Of course. If it were not, you would not be in business at all. Now, you need to ask yourself to discover who that somebody is. And where they are. And what they do. And everything else about them. You need to create a character, let’s call him Mr. Somebody Who Buys the Stuff I Sell. You will want to discover the reason why Mr. Somebody is your customer. What need does he have that your business fulfills?  Now, sit down with Mr. Somebody over coffee. Imagine what you would tell him about your business. Think of things he might not already know about your business. Mr. Somebody is your captive audience, he wants to hear about what you do and sell. He will, of course, have questions for you, too. Hint – these questions can be found in your Frequently Asked Questions list. Don’t have one? Sit down with your customer service representatives or call previous customers and actually ask them what questions they have. Use your conversations with Mr. Somebody and his questions to create articles. In creating this persona, you have introduced yourself to the very people who find your business is not boring. So, speak to him, give him what he wants, and he will keep coming back for more.

Rule 2 – Show Off Your Own Personality

Mr. Somebody won’t linger over his latte, if he feels that he is not talking to a real person. ‘Boring’ subjects can quickly become unbearable when written without enthusiasm. Remember, you are providing information that is useful, that your customers want to know. If your competitors are offering the same information in a more readable format, whose do you think they will settle down to read?

Rule 3 – Get the Look

Write like you speak. Have a conversation with your reader. Do not overwhelm them with page-long paragraphs overflowing with data. Break it down into easily digestible sections. Provide headings for those sections so, your reader can decide what they want to read. Use bullet points, highlighting and text boxes to give your reader the information they need quickly. Don’t make them search for their answer.
You should not, however, overgeneralize. The internet is full of general information about everything and anything. Give your customers what they want; specific answers to their questions about your product or service. And give it to them in a conversational format.

Rule 4 – Stay Current

Whatever your industry, there is news that surrounds it. Keep yourself abreast of new releases, changes, and controversy in your market. This can give you a ton of ideas for blog content. Even better, this is just the stuff that your customers want to know about. Of course, they will come to you for your take on the subject because, in implementing the first two rules, you have developed a more personal relationship with them. Knowing that your company is current on the latest trends in the market will increase consumer confidence, as well.

Rule 5 – MAKE IT Enjoyable

Finally, stir it up sometimes. Encourage your customers to read regularly by giving them something to look forward to. There is no reason your ‘boring’ industry blog cannot be an absolute blast to read. Make it funny by inserting humor where appropriate. You can even poke fun of just how mind numbing information surrounding your business is. Make it controversial by stating an opinion about a controversy in your field and asking your readers to respond. Find experts in your field who would be willing to contribute quality content or respond to an interview. Involve your readers. Ask for feedback and comments. Regularly seek their opinions, new questions, or concerns. Let them know that they are part of this conversation and they will keep coming back for more.

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