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#Abusing #The #Hashtag…

Abusing The Hashtag

So, before I start bashing hashtag abusers, let’s have a mini history lesson on the infamous symbol that has become a part of almost every social media post…

Let’s get it right, Twitter didn’t invent the hashtag (#), but it most definitely popularized it with the masses. In August 2007, designer Chris Messina asked his followers on how they felt about using the pound sign to group discussions or conversations, resulting in him becoming the first person to use the hashtag on Twitter…

First Hashtag

From then, Twitter has never looked back and eventually Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest adopted it.

So I am going to focus on the most common hashtag abuser, generally known as the ‘Hashtag Stuffer’. This is someone who cannot just post a simple photo of, let’s say July 4th fireworks. They bombard their post with nonsense such as #fireworks, #boom, #4thJuly, #July4th, #RedWhiteBlue, #Red, #White, #Blue #Freedom #IndependenceDay #FreeFromTheBrits #1776B******. There are even those types of people who hashtag #random words in #sentences.

In my opinion, there are three reasons for the butchering of the sanctity of the written word.

1. They simply cannot grasp the use of a hashtag.

2. They are unable to form a full sentence with commas and full stops.

3. It is their imprudent attempt to reach a greater audience.

Hashtag Stuffer

To Conclude…

The next time you’re extremely excited or proud of the photo you’re about to post & you are thinking of what hashtags to add…Think to yourself. Will you look stupid hashtaging 7 words together, and if so, do not proceed. My old boss once told me K.I.S.S…Keep It Simple, Stupid. Great advice, hurt my feelings every time. 

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